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SCP won the first prize in Conceptual Planning for Leshan Fengzhou Island

In early May 2022, Leshan Dafo Longteng Tourism Development and Construction Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the municipal government to conduct Conceptual Planning for Leshan Fengzhou Island public tender. The tender evaluation was held on 6th July 2022, the expert panel reviewed the proposals based on the design concept, cultural exploration, overall strategy, market positioning, spatial layout, economic benefits, implementation, etc. The proposal from SCP Consultants Pte Ltd. was awarded the first place.


The planning area is located at Sichuan Leshan City Shizhong District Fengzhou Island, with a planning area of 1850mu. Fengzhou Island is at the confluence of Dadu River, Minjiang River and Qingyi River, a unique oasis in the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area.

SCP conducts research and analysis on three major issues: how to achieve resilient development, how to create a cultural landmark with world influence, and how to create a distinctive isle. And proposes the vision of building Fengzhou Island into: “World Zen Culture Experience Destination”, “Southwest Micro Vacation Destination”, and “Leshan Cultural Meeting Room”.

The proposal details how to help Fengzhou Island create a top new cultural tourism model through three strategies:
Strategy 1: Create a world-class cultural landmark that integrates with the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. Key projects are carried out which focus on lotus architecture on water, forum with international influence, hotel cluster with ultimate experience and a metaverse Zen experience rich in technology.
Strategy 2: Create a spiritual journey where Maitreya culture and Jiazhou culture blend. To create an ultimate oriental Zen environment of back to nature and a spiritual holiday of love in Fengzhou.
Strategy 3: Create a resilient ecological scenic area. By means of building suitability and low-carbon energy strategies, adopt a combination of rigid and flexible protection to establish water security + water landscape + water ecology.

With the comprehensive upgrade of high-quality environment, high-value products and high-value services, Fengzhou Island will become the shining star of the Chinese tourism area.

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