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Conceptual Planning of Yantai Biomedical Industrial Park passed expert review

On April 14, 2022, the expert review meeting of the "Conceptual Planning of Yantai Biomedical Industrial Park" was successfully held at Yantai Natural Resources and Planning Bureau. The meeting was chaired by the Yantai Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, attended the heads of relevant departments such as the Muping District Government, High-tech Zone Management Committee, Administration for Market Regulation, and Municipal Pharmaceutical Industry Chain Chief Office. Five experts from Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shandong Jianzhu University, Shandong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., and China Construction Design Group Co., Ltd. were invited.


The planning is in line with the national land and spatial planning and other higher-level planning. It recognizes regional ecological resource, relies on the existing regional industrial base and biomedical development trend to carry out spatial layout, optimizes the planning system, explores the industrial and urban structure and integrates with recent construction projects. The Biomedical Industrial Park is envisioned as "New Harbor of Life, Charming City of Mountains and Seas", with "Regional Overall Planning and Coordinated Development", "Ecological Priority, Green Development", "Industry-City Symbiosis, Quality Living and Working", "Multiple Sceneries, Attractive Parks" as the planning strategies, to build a Yanwei New Integrated Hub, New Harbor for Life Sciences, New Living Room for Vitality, and New Home for Happiness.


The planning result was unanimously recognized by experts and leaders, the plan has sorted out the development and spatial structure of the biomedical industry park systematically, put forward the targeted industrial development orientation and spatial planning strategies. The results are complete and comprehensive, and meet the relevant requirements of the state, province, and city for conceptual plan preparation. The experts and leaders put forward feedbacks from their respective professional perspectives, such as to further strengthening the research on regional synergy, deepening the coupling between industry, transportation and living space, and strengthening the research on the supply of short-term and long-term industrial land.

SCP will further improve the results based on the opinions,continue to track and provide follow-up services.


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