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China (Anhui) Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhu District Core Area Urban Design passed expert review

The expert meeting of China (Anhui) Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhu District Core Area Urban Design was successfully held at the China Railway Design Plaza in Wuhu City in late January 2022. The meeting was hosted by Administrative Committee of Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhu District, attended by Heads of relevant departments from Wuhu Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Municipal Key Offices, Wuhu Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Jiujiang District government. Five experts from Anhui Jianzhu University, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Hefei Planning and Design Institute, Anhui Zhonghui Urban Planning Survey & Design Institute, and Anhui Stars Planning Construction Company Design Limited Company were invited to review.


At the meeting, the experts and relevant persons in charge listened to the SCP's presentation on the core area urban design. The design fully implements upper level planning, coordinates near-term construction projects, and guides the design of important spaces. With the planning vision of “Free Trade Hub, Innovative Water City”, and design strategies of “Environmental Building", "Empowering", "Urban Context", "Wisdom", to create a Smart and Ecology Future City Model – a New Core and Engine to promote the free trade zone.


The experts and relevant persons in charge unanimously expressed their affirmation of the results, the contents were complete and in line with the national, provincial, and municipal requirements for the preparation of urban design. The experts put forward opinions from their respective professional perspectives such as to strengthen the research on water environment system, emphasis on the creation of waterfront space, and optimize the design according to future city requirements.

In the next stage, SCP will further improve the results based on the opinions, continue to track the development, and provide follow-up services.

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