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SCP held the 6th Strategy Seminar 2021


In the post-pandemic era, new trends in various industries in China have begun to appear. How to keep up with the market pattern, innovate product, and achieve high-quality development have become the centre of attention under the situation of pandemic prevention and control. On 17th – 18th December 2021, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd. held the 6th strategy seminar, attended by SCP’s leaders and colleagues from HQs and various branch offices. The seminar focused on the theme of “Post-pandemic . New Industry . New Space”, with sharing and exchanges regarding project practices and research in the fields of science and technology, health, agriculture and rural areas, operations, business planning, manufacturing and processing, cultural tourism, logistics, and municipal facilities. This seminar was also fortunate to invite three industry experts to share their research results in the fields of Singapore's industrial parks, urban renewal, biomedicine, etc., on hot topics, insights, directions, and outlook.


On 17th December, SCP’s President (China) Mr. Chen Qining shared the topic “The Future of Suzhou Industrial Park from the view of World Science City Development”, followed by industrial parks expert sharing on Singapore background, Singapore’s industrial parks development and two cases – One-North and Health City Novena. Next, the urban renewal expert gave a wonderful sharing on the governance and practice of urban renewal in Shanghai, changes in Guangzhou urban renewal models, and comparison of urban renewal governance and its implication to Suzhou. Colleagues from SCP Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Taipei also shared topics in the fields of agriculture and villages, science and technology, commercial planning, manufacturing and processing, and cultural tourism.


On 18th December, biomedicine expert shared on biomedical science popularization, China-US gap, China situation, research on related industries in Suzhou Industrial Park, and future industry outlook, etc. Followed by sharing from SCP Suzhou and Shenzhen colleagues on night economy, free trade zone planning, logistics, operations, and municipal facilities.

This is SCP‘s second large-scale webinar, and the online platform enables participants to exchange ideas and insights with the experts conveniently, it also allows SCP to accumulate experiences in hosting virtual event. The seminar strengthened the communication between SCP offices, accumulated project experiences, trends and ideas, and laid a solid foundation in enhancing SCP's core competitiveness in strategic planning.

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