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Hunan Construction Machinery Supporting Industrial Park (2020-2035) and respective special plans passed expert review

The expert review of Hunan Construction Machinery Supporting Industrial Park (2020-2035) and respective special plans was successfully held on 17th December 2021 at Hunan Construction Machinery Supporting Industrial Park Investment Center level 3 conference room. The meeting was hosted by Hunan Miluo Enclave Park Management Center. 17 municipal departments namely Miluo Natural Resources Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Education Bureau, Forestry Bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Electric Power Bureau, Industry and Information Bureau, Bishi Town Miluo Enclave Park Management Center participated in the meeting, heads of relevant departments of Pule Company also attended the meeting. The meeting invited 5 experts from Changsha, Miluo and other places to form the expert review team. The experts and leaders fully affirmed the results, the positioning was accurate with clear thinking that provides guiding significance for the future development of the park and has reached the in-depth requirements for conceptual planning and special planning.


Hunan Construction Machinery Supporting Industrial Park is located at the junction of Miluo City and Changsha City, less than 20km away from Changsha City Centre, with a planned area of approximately 36.96 sqkm. The park was established in 2013, jointly developed by the National Changsha Economic Development Zone and Hunan Yueyang Miluo City. It was the first enclave in Hunan that officially implements inter-city cooperation. Under the strategic opportunities of “Greater Changsha Metropolitan Area”, “Changsha-Yueyang Coordinated Development” and “Hunan Province to build a World-class Engineering Machinery Industry Cluster”, the provincial party committee and government decided to deploy the Changsha Economic Development Zone Miluo Enclave Park as Hunan Construction Machinery Supporting Industrial Park in August 2020. The license was officially awarded in December 2020.   

According to the plan, the park will introduce and develop construction machinery and supporting industries, new materials, electronic information, etc., strive to be “Northern Changsha Ecological Intelligent City” within 15-20 years. It will be “The Bridgehead of Changsha-Yueyang Coordinated Development, Enclave Economic Innovation Demonstration Zone, and New model of Landscape and Pastoral City”, led by innovation, focusing on construction machinery, supporting industries and characteristic service industries.

In the next stage, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd will further improve the plan based on the feedback and continue to provide follow-up services to contribute to the development and construction of Hunan Construction Machinery Supporting Industrial Park.


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