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SCP participated in Nanyang River-Embracing Development Strategy Research and Baihe Riverfront Urban Design Competition

On 31st August 2021, Nanyang Municipal Government held the preliminary appraisal for Nanyang River-Embracing Development Strategy Research and Baihe Riverfront Urban Design Competition at Nanyang Hotel. The meeting is hosted by Deputy Mayor Huang Fang, attended by 4 review teams and core members of Municipal Planning Committee – Nanyang Municipal Committee Secretary Zhu Shixi, Mayor Wang Zhihui, Liu Chaorui, Zhang Shengqi, Zhang Fuzhi, Zhang Mingti, Bo Xuebin, Ma Bing, etc. The consortium formed by SCP Consultants Pte Ltd. and China Communications Construction Company presented the preliminary results to the committee. A total 5 design firms participated in this competition.

Nanyang Municipal Committee Secretary Zhu Shixi emphasized on internationalization, modernization, smart, green and characteristic, strive to lay the foundation in first year and develop the image in second year, making both banks of Baihe River an influential and attractive internet-famous check-in site in China.

The meeting pointed out that Baihe is the mother river of Nanyang and a beautiful city card of Nanyang, thousands of Nanyang residents look forward eagerly to the development. The design must adhere to the “full city culture, half city water” concept, to extend to Yahekou Reservoir in the upstream and Baihe Navigation Port in the downstream. To consider the inland river system in the central city, integrate Dushan Scenic Area in the plan to connect the mountains and rivers, so that the city is in the mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers are in the city, so as to build a landscape and garden city. It is necessary to adhere to the government's leadership and market operation, accelerate the pace of construction, and make every effort to build the both banks of Baihe River into Nanyang's competitive highlights, enhance the city's taste, and display Nanyang's image.

Nanyang is an important transportation hub in the central region approved by the State Council. It is a central city at the junction of Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi, with a total area of 26,500 square kilometers, a population of 9.71 million in 2020, and a GDP of 392.6 billion yuan. Nanyang is also a national historical and cultural city with more than 2,700 years of history. It is named after its location in the south of Funiu Mountain and north of Han River. Nanyang is also an important birthplace of Chu-Han culture and hometown of Chinese Jade Sculptures.

This project is SCP’s first entry into Nanyang City of Henan Province. SCP and China Communications Construction Company demonstrated our value perception of Nanyang Xiehe River development, and put forward the development vision, functional positioning, design goals, spatial framework and major urban nodes of the Baihe River and both banks. Subsequently, the consortium will, in accordance with the suggestions made at the meeting, improve the plan and strive to successfully complete the deepening work of the competition.


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