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SCP won First Prize in the International Competition for Development Strategy and Spatial Conceptual Planning of Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

SCP Consultants Pte Ltd. won first prize in the International Competition for Development Strategy and Spatial Conceptual Planning of Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone announced on 31st May 2021 after two rounds of review by the organiser (Yangzhou Economic Development Zone Management Committee) and experts. 

The total project area is 118 sqkm, SCP proposal revolves around second entrepreneurship in the economic development zone, with three dimensions in-depth analysis on high-level openness, high-quality development and high-quality services. 5 core planning strategies are proposed namely Regional Coordination, City-Industry Integration, Canal Driven, Transit Priority and Blue-Green Network. The development zone will become an International Modern Ecological New City with distinctive industrial characteristics, innovative talents, and first-class living environment in the next 10-20 years. It targets to enter the top 20 economic development zone in China, the “Blue Bay, Navigation Canal New City” on the Yangtze River Economic Belt. 


Strategy 1 :Regional Coordination: Optimize spatial structure, create ancient canal city development corridor and horizontal urban function expansion axis, to realize the coordinated development of the economic development zone and the surrounding area, linking the city area, high-tech zone, and Puxi area to form the overall development framework of southern Yangzhou, A City of Synergy.  


Strategy 2 :City-Industry Integration: To build five major city-industry integration units, with distinctive themed industrial community, integrating production, living and ecology.


Strategy 3:Canal Driven: Explore the cultural heritage of canal, create a Canal New City with ancient charm, taking the ancient canal and grand canal as the context of urban development to drive urban development on both sides of the strait with public facilities and ecological landscapes. 


Strategy 4:Transit Priority: Create a People-Oriented City through transit-oriented development (TOD), with land use optimization based on the planned rail network and development needs. A multi-level commercial system is proposed based on the future rail network.


Strategy 5: Blue-Green Network: Create a Park City through blue-green intertwined ecological network of the navigation canal and Yangtze River green corridor, strengthen the ecological base and ecological security.  


Subsequently, SCP will carry out the next stage of planning and design works, and strive to build the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone into a New Highland for Navigation, an Industry Innovation and Technology Rainforest of Yangtze River Delta, and an International Charming Waterfront New City.  

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