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SCP won First Prize in Nantong Wushui District Urban Design International Competition

Three well-known international design firms were selected to participate in Nantong Wushui Urban Design International Competition hosted by Nantong Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Chongchuan District People’s Government and Gangzha District People’s Government. SCP Consultants Pte Ltd’s design was well received by the expert panel and government, and was selected as the first prize winner for the competition.

The planning site of Wushui is about 12.09 sqkm, and the key area is 6.63 sqkm. It is located at the intersection of the Yangtze River, Tonglv Canal and Tongyang Canal. The site is connected to Chongchuan District and Gangzha District, which is the platform for the Nantong future development, city image and resident services. 

SCP’s scheme puts forward the vision of “Resilient Waterfront and Prosperous City” to create a new generation of urban sub-center in Nantong. This plan proposes “3581” urban design structure comprises of 3 cores (vitality core, urban core and leisure core), 5 zones (riverfront gateway, integrated trendy zone, creative cultural zone, liveable residential zone and waterfront residential zone), 8 banks (composed of eight special water banks) and 1 island (eco-landscape island in the middle of Tonglv Canal).

The design fully considered the functional correspondence and differentiate development of Wushui and the surrounding areas. 38 theme projects are planned to improve Nantong city urban function, shape a brand-new city image and tap into the heritage and culture of Nantong.

Urban design takes "Green Waterfront, Efficient Transport Network, Dynamic City, and Cultural Heritage " as the four main design concepts.

“Green Waterfront” takes the ecological flood control as priority to build a blue and green interweaving system. “Efficient Transport Network” emphasizes on public transportation, improve north-south connectivity and water-land commuter system.  " Dynamic City " forms a vitality city, with well-spaced urban image and stitched urban texture. “Cultural Heritage” inherits historical culture, comprehending the charm of Wushui and reappearing the Nantong historical “six-bridge”.

Subsequently, SCP shall review the comments given by the leaders and experts, further deepen the planning and design work. By taking the advantage of waterfront, this project is expected to become the most attractive urban sub-center in Nantong.

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