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SCP successfully held SCP Urban Design Forum

SCP Consultants Pte Ltd successfully held the SCP Urban Design Forum on 21-22 December 2018 at Suzhou Changyuan Garden, the forum was broadcast live on the network platform. Experts from Southeast University Architecture Design & Research Institute Deputy Director Dr Wang Enqi, and HIC Urban Planning & Architecture Partner and Planning Director Peng Zhen were invited to deliver keynote presentation at the forum. SCP’s urban planners from various branch offices also shared their experiences in creative urban design. This forum is a respond to the Theme of China's Annual National Planning Conference 2018 - “Sharing and Quality”.

The host of the forum - SCP's Director, Senior Vice President Mr. Qiu Jutan

The forum comprises of thematic report and creative sharing sessions. 
1. Thematic Report
- Urban Design System, Technical Standards and Management Mechanism by Dr Wang Enqi
- Urban Design Value Orientation and Operation Method from the development perspective by Peng Zhen
The thematic report by both experts are from the government’s planning and control requirements level and developer’s requirements level, elaborates the new norms, paths and technologies of urban design reform.  Followed by a technical discussion with SCP’s planners.

2. Creative Sharing
- Different stages and scales of Waterfront Urban Design by Qin Wei;
- Beijing Old City Regeneration – Songzhuang Cultural Creative Industrial Park as a case study by Chen Kai;
- Project sharing of Suining Financial Business Center by Guo Chao;
- Project sharing of Wenzhou City Cangnan County Southern New District Urban Design by Chen Guodong;
- Comparative Study of Jiulongpo Future City and Yucheng Project by Shi Feng;
- Case Study and Design Sharing of Rural Development Towards Urbanisation by Li Xin Yun.
The SCP’s planners shared their creative experiences in different project types, geographical background and project scale; and received valuable technical reviews by experts. In conclusion, Mr. Qiu Jutan, the host of this forum, emphasizes the need to deal with the urban design relationship in 3 levels: urban design in detailed control plan level, urban design in constructive detailed plan level, and urban design in architectural design level. And these should serve as topic for further consideration and design.

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