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SCP's Director, Mr. Foo Chee See delivered a speech at World Cities Summit 2017

The World Cities Summit Mayor Forum 2017 was held in Suzhou on 17-20 May 2017. 62 mayors and city leaders, as well as 50 young leaders from around the world attended. The theme of this summit was “Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Embracing the Future through Innovation and Collaboration”.

SCP’s Director, former Singapore URA(Urban Redevelopment Diretor)’s Director of Development Control Mr. Foo Chee See, as invited by Singapore Centre for Liveable Cities delivered a speech on “Long Term Master Plan for Sustainable Development” at CLC-SIPAC Joint Symposium on Suzhou Industrial Park.

In his speech, Mr. Foo outlined long-term master plan for several cities, emphasizing the importance of long-term master plan in retaining attractiveness and competitiveness. 

Mr. Foo shared about the Singapore concept plan. Singapore concept plan is a strategic land use and transportation plan that guides Singapore’s urban development over the next 40-50 years. Due to the limited land area, the concept plan planning principles is to ensure sufficient land for long-term population and economic growth needs, while providing high quality live, work and play environment. Reviewed every ten years, the first version was completed in 1971 with the help of the United Nations, subsequence revised versions were released in 1981, 2001 and 2011. The latest 2011 version projected a population of 6.9million in 2030. 

Singapore Concept Plan

Recalling his experience in formulation of Suzhou Industrial Park master plan, detailed plan and urban design, at that time, central government of China agreed to draw upon Singapore’s planning experience in Suzhou. 

China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Master Plan and Phase 1 Detailed Plan

Land Area: 70sqkm

Population: 600,000

Suzhou Industrial Park Phase 1 CBD Urban Design (1994)

Mr Foo, leading the design team of SCP Consultant Pte Ltd., completed urban design for central area of Suzhou Industrial Park in 2005, integrating CBD west of Jinji Lake with CWD east of Jingji Lake into a composite function of city centre.

Suzhou Industrial Park Central Area Urban Design (2005)

These visionary planning have been guiding the development of Suzhou Industrial Park, making Suzhou Industrial Park as a model development of China-Asia government-to-government project. Mr. Foo suggested that Suzhou Industrial Park’s management should continue looking into future, integrating into the new round of world’s urban development vision, develop long-term plan to ensure leading position of Suzhou Industrial Park over the next 40-50 years, and to develop the park into an open, innovative and smart city. He also suggested Suzhou to extend the planning period to 2040 or 2050, with constant planning review to advance with time and in line with other successful cities in China, bringing significant impact to the rest of the world. The speech received enthusiastic responses from summit participants.

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