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SCP participated in China's New Urbanization Forum 2016

20th November marks the grand opening of China’s New Urbanization Forum 2016 organised by National University of Singapore, Soochow University, Zhejiang University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, held at Jinling Guanyuan International Hotel Suzhou University District in Suzhou Industrial Park. More than 300 local and international experts, professionals, business elites, government officials gathered in Suzhou to exchange and explore the topic on “Innovations in the Transformation and Development of China’s Urbanization”. The forum held in-depth discussion on urban planning, urban transformation, innovation in social governance, city-industry integration, private investment in China’s infrastructure development, China’s real estate market trends, characteristics of distinctive town, etc. 

SCP Consultants Pte Ltd, as one of the supporting organization, participated in this forum. SCP’s chairman Mr. Chan Soo Sen delivered a speech entitled “From Singapore to Guangzhou”, sharing his experiences in planning processes and themes in Suzhou Industrial Park, Tianjin Eco-City and Guangzhou Knowledge City, which were of great interest to the participants. Mr. Chan, together with SCP’s Senior Consultant Mr. Zhao Dasheng, participated in roundtable forum on “Urban Transformation and Innovations in Social Governance”, both shared insights on social governance respectively, while Mr. Zhao analysed on how Suzhou went through innovation in urban transformation and social governance twice. SCP’s President (China) Mr. Chen Qi Ning participated in “Urban Transformation and City-Industry Integration” roundtable forum, he analysed the phenomenon of China city separation to city integration in traditional society to development zone expansion, and trend of metropolitanization in world urbanization, in hope to achieve system innovation, good planning and continuous financial security.

This Forum attracted dynamic and brilliant responses. Vice President of Soochow University and Chairman of the board of Dongwu Think Tank, Prof Tian Xiaoming expressed New urbanization is more than merely scale expansion of the city scape and population growth, but also transformation in the social realm, including lifestyle changes. Director-General of Investment Operations at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Mr. Pang Yee Ean, pointed AIIB will actively promote the inter-operability of urbanization, encourage and welcome private capital investment in infrastructure. Director of IRES at NUS, Prof Deng Yongheng, emphasized that there is currently a 'high price - low rental' phenomenon in the Chinese housing market. Such a circumstance can pave the way for the development of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and interest in asset securitization in China. China urbanization will develop in a healthy and sustainable way.

This Forum is the 2nd in an annual series, which provide a broad exchange platform for government, academia, finance, urban planning, real estate and other related sectors.

In future, new urbanisation will provide epic challenges and opportunities, by 2020 China will build 1000 distinctive towns. SCP will continue to focus on the topic of China’s urbanization, research and explore urbanization transformation and innovation in China from both planning practice and theoretical research aspects.

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