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SCP won bid for Government Procurement Project: Detailed Regulatory Planning for Hainan Lingshui Qingshui Bay Tourism Zone

In August 2015, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd has successfully won bid for the Hainan province government procurement project entitled “Detailed Regulatory Planning Review for Lingshui Qingshui Bay Tourism Zone”

Lingshui county is located in the southeastern part of Hainan, in close proximity to Sanya City and forms a crucial component of the “International Tourism Island” project by Hainan province. Qingshui Bay is located in the southeastern part of Lingshui County, known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one of the only “three beaches that can sing”. Due to the rapid development of the area, the original regulatory plan is no longer suitable for the development of the area, hence a new round of planning review is required to satisfy future development needs on a global scale. 

SCP will be drafting the planning review base on several relevant documentations, namely, the International tourism island of Hainan Development Plan, Lingshui seaside Scenic Area Master Plan, and Management Decisions by the Standing Committee of Hainan Province People’s Congress regarding the strengthening of Scenic area and coastal area in Hainan. 

SCP has rich experience in terms of planning and designing of internationalized coastal tourism zone and resorts, with tourism benchmark projects such as Haikou Holiday Beach, Wenchang Tourism and Entertainment City for the Overseas Chinese, Long Mu Bay Resort and World Chinese Overseas Cultural Exchange Center. SCP will continue to set new standard for Hainan tourism development in this project.

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