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  • Strategy Planning

    Scope of services includes strategic planning, industrial planning, operational planning, tourism planning, etc. With our experience and expertise, we are able to offer feasible solutions for regional development and project investment.

  • Urban Planning & Design

    Scope of services includes regional planning, conceptual planning, urban planning , urban design, development control guidelines, etc.

    Our diverse experience in planning consultancy work involves a wide spectrum of project types including industrial park, business park, science and technology park, logistic park, port, township, central business district (CBD), tourism planning and development.

    We offer support in actual project implementation phase.

  • Architectural Design

    Scope of services includes schematic architectural design, architectural design, building construction drawing, etc., for integrated urban complex, conservation building, city rejuvenation, commercial, residential, healthcare, logistic, industrial buildings. We seek to provide excellent architectural works and services to our clients.

  • Landscape Design

    Scope of services includes tourism and landscape planning, conceptual landscape design, landscape design, construction drawing, etc., our landscape team comprises of landscape elites from China, USA and Taiwan, delivering high quality design services to our clients.

  •  Infrastructure Engineering

    Scope of services includes transport infrastructure planning (road, rail and pedestrian network), water supply and distribution system, wastewater collection and management system, power supply and distribution system, telecommunication system, gas supply and distribution system, heat supply and distribution system, waste collection and disposal system, and integrated disaster prevention facilities.

    We seek to deliver comprehensive, reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly and future-oriented infrastructure solutions.

  • Graphic Design

    Scope of services includes branding, advertising, exhibition space design, etc. We employ latest media technology to enhance the visual presentation and branding experience of our projects. Our media team comprises of 3D, multimedia, interactive media design experts to plan and customize product for our clients.

  • Geographic Information System

    Suzhou UNIMAP is the subsidiary of SCP, responsible for city information management and services. UNIMAP is a company specialized in 3S (GIS, RS, GPS) technology, CAD technology, research and development of VR technology which are applicable to the field of urban planning and construction. 

    We have outstanding teams and advanced software development technologies which can promote relevant industries’ information development and provide complete geographical data framework for “digital industrial park” and electronic government affairs.

  • Research

    Future City Institute (FCI) is an institute jointly setup by Soochow University & SCP, which collaborates with  Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and other well-known colleges to research on future urban development pattern. The goal is to promote academic adaptation of practical results and to industrialize academic results.

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