• Myanmar’s first integrated mixed-use urban development complex
    Mingalar Mandalay Project (MMP), located in Mandalay – the second largest city in Myanmar, is Myanmar’s first integrated lifestyle centre that incorporates multiple functions: shopping, recreation, office, residential and parking. MMP’s success will kickstart the development of similar integrated mixed-use urban developments in Myanmar
  • Setting new heights for industrial city design – A cutting-edge industry park within a beautiful riverfront for Jilin
    Learning from Suzhou Industrial Park and Singapore’s industry management experience, Jilin Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (North) is an integrated city sub-centre with a clear system of functional cores, efficient road network design, optimum industry-residential ratio and ecologically sound environmental design.
  • A showcase of industrial city design with innovative communities
    Guangdong International Science and Technology Finance and service area, located in the north of Guangzhou City, is the country’s first technology park with themed“technology-driven financial services”as its design model. The development of this industrial city will also serve a replicable model for similar developments.
  • Zhenjiang steps into the international arena with prospects of a new cooperation model between China and Singapore
    Singapore-Zhenjiang Smart City: Creating vibrant mixed-use communities; building intelligent “green valleys”that inter-connect in varied ways; forming highly efficient public transport system; creating a compelling Singapore standard public service within an integrated smart system that demonstrates exemplary China-Singapore cooperation.
  • A model kindergarten for the Xiangcheng District
    A safe and comfortable place that takes into account child physiology, psychology and behaviors. Creating a enveloping environment for the total mental and physical development of children.
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